Andrea Seay

Third Grade


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I grew up in Thomaston, Georgia where I attended Upson-Lee South Elementary, followed by Upson-Lee Middle.  In 2002, I graduated from Upson-Lee High School.  I spent some years overseas as a military wife before returning to Georgia in 2005.  In May of 2014, I recieved my Bachelor's of Arts in Elementary Education from Middle Georgia State University.  In July of 2018, I graduated from Walden University with a Master's of Arts in Elementary Reading and Mathematics.

I started my teaching career at Westside Elementary wher I taught Kindergarten for two years.  I spent my last three years at Westside Elementary teaching Third Grade.  I am currently in my sixth year of teaching and loving every minute of it!  Being a Westside Wildcat and having the opportunity to teach Third grade has been extremely rewarding.  No matter the challenges my students and I face, we always grow, learn, and have fun doing it!

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