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Ms Debbie
Ms Debbie
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Westside Elementary

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Westside Elementary nutrition manager

I am the lunchroom manager at Westside and have been here since 2000.

Although I like my position as managing the kitchen, baking is one of my passions so when i was hired in 1994 that is what I did while working in school food service.  Even now that I do not bake much anymore, if one of my staff is out I usually do not call a sub because it gives me an excuse to get in the kitchen and bake or cook, whichever needs doing. That is my safe/happy zone and I feel relaxed when I am making something.

I also enjoy teaching the next generation to cook/bake. My granddaughter told me once when we were mixing up cookie batter that her mom doesn't make cookies that way, she just goes to the store and buys the batter already mixed and formed!

It is my pleasure to serve the children at Westside a good tasting, nutritious meal every day they are here.