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This is a list of helpful links for parents and students

Here are some helpful links for our Wildcats.


Grade-Specific Resources
Pre-K Skills
Shortest to Tallest
Pre-K Student Work
Story Web
Story Web
Class Writing
Class Writing


Suggested site(s):

LEARNING Without Tears

First Grade
First Grade At Home Learning
Second Grade
Free Websites
Free Online Websites
Brain Breaks
Brain Breaks
Home Activities
Non-Screen Activities
Third Grade
Digital Learning Links for 3rd Grade
Fourth Grade
Fifth Grade
5th Grade Resources
Media Center

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Destiny Discover Check out eBooks to read!

Operation Storytime 

Storyline Online 

Brightly Storytime Resources

Brightly Storytime Videos



Makerspace Projects

Storytelling: Imagineering in a Box (A Khan Academy & Walt Disney World Partnership)


Cool Websites for Wildcats

The LivBits

Special Education



ER Lab

  • iReady The program only works for iPads rather than iPhones. I am unsure about Samsung devices.



  • SFS Kids Allows students to be the conductor of a symphony. It requires adobe flash!
  • Musication This is a link to the Musication channel on YouTube. We played the Deteggtive Anderson games levels one through four using three types of instruments (and the pitches B, A, G on recorder for 5th grade). Students could find items at home to play for each of the three different color eggs (I.e. hit a glass or cup with a spoon for blue eggs, tap a pen or pencil on a table for a yellow egg, shake a closed salt shaker for the red eggs)!


Physical Education

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3rd grade Class Code: L6AT5M
4th grade Class Code: QP5GJE
5th grade Class Code: FDJPJ3

Student Password is their lunch number

3rd - 5th grade Class Code: QJC9175
1st & 2nd grade Class Code: NIV2290
Password: wes1234